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    Printronix P7000H Line Printer Used in the Agricultural Bank of China in Place of Dot Matrix Printer

    Corporate Profile

    The Agricultural Bank of China, as one of the 4 major state-owned commercial banks is an integral part of Chinese financial system, headquartered in Beijing. Currently, it has 32 tier-one branches, 5 branches directly under the Agricultural Bank of China, 1 head office business department and 3 training colleges. It also sets up branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and New York. With a nationwide operating network, the Agricultural Bank of China has become one of the largest banks in China with great financial strength and complete service functions.

    Problem Met

    Previously, Inner Mongolia Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China often spent 8 hours printing over 1000 pages off and on each day using 1900K dot matrix printers, frequently encountering failures like hot standby, paper jam, broken pin and missing data, wasting time, manpower and financial resources. Meanwhile, with the transformation of the bank’s IT system, print volume was on the rise due to the collected data. The ordinary dot matrix printers failed to meet the demands, which required the Agricultural Bank of China to update its printers.

    Printronix Solution

    Printronix P7000H line matrix printers were used in key sub-branches of the Agricultural Bank of China to trial solve problems with smooth transition from dot matrix printers to line printers, easing worries of customer on shutdown of printers and costly operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, without having to transfer to high-speed dot matrix printers, the solution protects the investment of customer on printing device. Upon conclusion of the trial, Inner Mongolia Branch decided to completely replace dot matrix printers with cost-effective Printronix P7000H line printers, rather than high-speed dot matrix printers.

    Customer Feedback

    “Printronix is the global professional line printer manufacturer and the Bank of China also uses thousands of Printronix’s devices, as well as Shenzhen CATIC as the professional bank printing solution and service supplier. This partnership enhances our confidence to use over 100 200-line Printronix line printers.” Said Mr. Liu, Director of Technical Department of Inner Mongolia Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China.



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