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  • Realisator AG | Reliable High-Definition Line Matrix Printing

    Corporate Profile | Top quality at a tenth of the price

    Realisator AG is the market-leading Swiss temporary staffing agency. For more than 25 years, the company has worked with satisfied clients, building upward and outward continuously and today, Realisator AG offers the most comprehensive range of services in this specialized area in Switzerland. With approximately 75 employees, the company generates sales of more than CHF 1.6 billion p.a.

    About Ralisator

    Realisator AG is a service-based company that prides itself on being a true partner to its clients by working closely with them, by being absolutely reliable and by filling outstanding orders on time. In addition to advising and supporting its clients, Realisator AG has the ability to handle some or all of its clients’ administrative workload and support their back-office functions. The company also produces and processes work reports, salary accounts and invoice services, and provides companies with all the management information they need for sales and operating statistics.

    Realisator AG uses Printronix printers to ensure a seamless workflow for high-volume printing. More than 20,000 pre-printed hourly work report forms per week are printed in high definition using nine Printronix line matrix printers.

    Problem Met | Performance Demanded

    As printing demands increased, Realisator AG began looking for equipment that would seamlessly integrate with the existing network. The new printers would replace existing serial matrix printers and would need to be highly reliable, fast and accurate. Realisator AG came to Printronix through Swiss system integrator and print specialist, ITRIS Trading AG.

    Following a short trial phase for the applications at Printronix's office in Offenbach, the first printer was installed on site, put through its paces for two weeks and found to be the ideal solution for Realisator AG to use.

    The Printronix Solution

    Based on the recommendation of ITRIS Trading AG, Realisator AG decided to purchase six high-definition line matrix printers from Printronix. ITRIS installed the original six printers in April 2005. Two years later, in May 2007, Realisator ordered three more P7000HD high-resolution line matrix printers.

    "ITRIS's competent service and advice convinced us just as much as the printers' reliability and performance," said Roland Ritter, IT manager, Realisator AG.

    Precise, reliable and robust

    The print center at Dietikon prints more than 20,000 pages per week using six Printronix P5006H/P5008H printers and three P7000HD printers in high-definition quality. Each Printronix printer processes approximately 2,000 4x NCR forms per week. Once printed, forms are separated, placed in envelopes and franked via a packing line.

    "We are very pleased to have won another client from the service sector in Realisator AG, where our high-definition line matrix printers fit ideally into their IT environment," says Holger Steer, area sales manager for Germany and Switzerland, Printronix. “Alongside production, banking, logistics and transport, these printers are suitable for everyone who values high quality and a low price per page when printing forms, reports, delivery notes, freight documents and multipart forms."

    The smart alternative to laser printing

    Line matrix printers print at speeds of up to 800 lines per minute with a resolution up to 180 x 180 dpi and are highly accurate and reliable. “The P7000HD can deliver the print resolution and capacity in graphic quality, and so it is a real replacement for expensive and less robust laser and inkjet printers," said Steer. “Switching is very easy, as users don’t have to change any applications or customize them, as the P7000HD uses Microsoft-certified Printronix Windows drivers.”

    So how do print commands reach the printer?

    The Printronix printers were integrated with the company's internal network via an Ethernet connection using the existing Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Pro Clients. Users send print orders via central print order management software. Two internal service centers then send these print orders to whichever line matrix printers are available and equipped with the clients' required templates.

    “Installing was relatively simple, as the Printronix HD printers are driven directly via Windows,” said Ragnar Dietmann who was in charge of installing the printers at Realisator AG at ITRIS.

    Customer Feedback | Top-Quality Printing and Scanning

    “Our customers, like us, depend on perfect, easy-to-read evidence of how many hours their staff have worked, so the only sensible solution is to use Printronix high-performance printers. Not only are the graphic quality printouts very high-grade, they also are extremely cost-effective and 100% scannable and OCR-compatible. We save not only in time, but also in costs that we'd incur on illegible printouts or expensive laser printers. Opting for Printronix with ITRIS was and is absolutely the right way for us, and so we're confident we'll be investing in more Printronix print solutions in future," Ritter concludes.

    Roland Ritter
    IT Manager

    About Realisator AG

    Realisator AG's core competencies are in advising and supporting temporary staff agencies. The company has expanded and extended the business continuously for more than 20 years in partnership with its clients. Today, Realisator AG offers the most comprehensive range of services in this niche market in Switzerland. With approximately 75 staff members, the service provider supports temporary staff sales of more than CHF 1.2 bn p.a. For more information, visit

    About ITRIS Trading AG

    ITRIS Trading AG is one of Switzerland's leading providers of IT solutions. In recent years, ITRIS Trading AG has become a major systems integrator with a comprehensive range of solutions in IT infrastructure, IT security and IT healthcare, and offers add-on services as well as selling hardware and software. As a certified partner to top IT manufacturers, ITRIS Trading AG concentrates on project business and produces manufacturer- and industry-independent financially viable, innovative total IT solutions for its clients. For more information, visit

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