Printronix Customer Success Stories in Logistics
  • Modi Sugar’s Adopts The Printronix Solution to Maintain Supply Chain with India’s 651 Sugar Mills and 50 Million Cane Farmers

    The World’s Second Largest Sugar Producer Relies On Line Matrix Printers to Produce Steady Output of Mission Critical Documentation

    Modi SugarModi Sugar is a leading conglomerate specializing in sugar and specialty sugar products. The group has two sugar plants, Modi Sugar Mills, established in 1932, and SBEC Sugar Limited founded in 1998. Today, Modi Sugar is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of plantation white sugar and refined sugar and meets ISO 9001-2000 qualifications.

    When maintaining contact with suppliers that number in the millions, global sugar producing giant Modi Sugar ( depends on a fleet of Printronix line matrix printers to produce a vast amount of paperwork in association to obtaining fixed amounts of raw material from millions of sugar farmers. Modi Sugar is responsible for managing tons of sugar and sugar-related products from several hundred mills throughout India, a nation that is the largest consumer and second largest producer of sugar in the world. The entire sugar industry supports about 50 million farmers and employs millions of people in the manufacturing process.

    Maintaining Smooth Operations Over A Vast Network of Sugar Producers
    Meeting consumers’ demands for sugar requires up-to-the-minute supply chain communications between Modi Sugar and those who grow the sugar and refine it. This series of printed materials include cane surveys, crop details and land details. The information gathered from these inquires is compiled into a final report. Once the data from this report is reviewed by Modi Sugar, negotiations are made with farmers who then receive a cane indent slip providing details of the negotiated amount of cane they are responsible for growing and shipping.

    Approximately 2,500 of these indent slips are printed each day for distribution to farmers, which underlines the vital need for robust, dependable and low maintenance industrial printers. Line matrix printers built by Printronix work predictably and consistently in challenging physical environments, performing reliably under temperature and humidity extremes to meet mission critical business processes and exceed demands for printing multi-part forms when requested by the company’s management.

    On an average, about 2,500 indent slips in Hindi are printed each day for distribution to farmers. In some cases, all indent slips for the entire week are required to print in one day. The printing of indent slips is time consuming along with MIS reports/account ledgers, which take even longer to print.
    Printronix Printers at Work at Modi Sugar
    Printronix’s line matrix printers, capable of printing more than 1,000 lines per minute, were installed to replace aging dot matrix printers.


    • Increased productivity
    • Improved printing speeds
    • Ability to reproduce vast amounts of indent slips and multi-page reports
    • Dependable printing solution
    • Reduced downtime for routine maintenance

    “Before Printronix, we relied heavily on dot matrix printers, which were slow and prone to breaking down,” said Jawahar lal Maheshwari, deputy general manager, electronic data processing (EDP) of Modi Sugar. “The reliability, speed and cost effectiveness of Printronix’s line matrix printers have made a difference in enhancing overall efficiency particularly in the printing of constantly needed indent slips, farmer ledgers and other reports.”


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