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  • Tata Motors | Printronix Helps Indian Automotive Manufacturer Lower Costs, Speed Shipment of Spare Parts, and Prevent the Proliferation of Counterfeit Parts


    Tata Motors (formerly known as Tata Electronic and Locomotive Company – TELCO) is part of India's largest business house, The Tatas. Tata Motors is of the first Indian automotive companies to manufacture an indigenously designed truck, and later passenger car, without any foreign collaboration.


    Following the introduction of its first Indian-designed passenger car in 2000, Tata Motors Passenger Car Business Unit evolved into India's largest automobile company with revenues of $7.2 billion USD in 2006-2007. As the company grew, it began to experience challenges related to the dispatch of parts from its spare parts warehouse to regional warehouses and business partners. For example, the cost of inventory was skyrocketing and shipments were being delayed due to slow processing. Additionally, Tata Motors began to discover the proliferation of counterfeit parts in the marketplace. With multiple locations, and an SAP software solution already in place, Tata Motors needed a bar coding solution that would integrate well with SAP to solve its immediate problems, and scale for future company growth.


    • To improve inventory control in order to curb skyrocketing costs
    • To streamline business processes in order to speed the shipment of spare parts
    • To remain competitive by preventing the proliferation of counterfeit parts Results


    The Printronix team worked with Tata Motors to create a bar coding print solution that would solve these immediate needs. Because other divisions of Tata Motors were using a competitive print solution, Printronix suggested a larger printer than was needed for the job, in order to increase the label throughput. Leveraging the Printronix T4M and T5206r, the Printronix team helped Tata Motors design labels that would seamlessly integrate with the company's existing SAP databases. Once the issue of increased label production was addressed, the team suggested a modified version of the T5000 four-inch bar code printer, the T4M, to produce smaller labels. Using the Printronix T4M and T5206r, Tata Motors Passenger Car Business Unit has increased the speed at which it is filling spare part orders for regional warehouses and its business partners.

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