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  • Jakes Finer Foods

    Jake’s Finer Foods Streamline Operations with Printronix Printers

    In the early 1980's, Jake’s Finer Foods was expanding and found that its supply chain technology no longer met all of its needs. The company required a way to print multi-part invoices used as proof of delivery. It was important to the company that the technology selected eliminate the process of collating the multi-part forms.

    As the company continued to grow, Jake’s Finer Foods required printers that printed pallet labels, picking tickets and more. After careful research, executives at Jake’s decided that the best choice was Printronix for its reliable, heavy-duty line matrix printers and sturdy thermal bar code printers. The Printronix printers were the only ones able to meet both the duty cycle and temperature requirements of the Jake’s Finer Foods. In addition, Jake’s Finer Foods required a printing solution that would easily integrate with existing printers and supply chain management software.


    After extensive research and on the recommendation of Vice President of Operations and IT, Jake’s Finer Foods chose to use Printronix line matrix and thermal bar code printers. This particular Jakes employee has experience using Printronix products and had, over the course of his career purchased 20 P5000 line matrix printers and 4 thermal bar code printers and all of them still are in use today.

    Line matrix printers print shipping labels and multi-part invoices which also are used as receiving documentation for their customers. Printronix offers Jake’s the flexibility to design labels to include exactly the information needed for each operation in the supply chain.

    Thermal bar code printers print labels for pallets in several sizes. In addition, the thermal bar code printers print shelf labels for the distribution center. These labels help the Jake’s Finer Foods operations run smoothly with accurate receiving, replenishment, pick and ship functions.

    In addition to the printing requirements, Jake’s found the Printronix page control language was the key component to designing meaningful labels for their business. Once their team learned how to program the labels, they could print any label that was needed for business operations. Jake’s Finer Foods uses the Printronix printers every day. Some printers were purchased more than 13 years ago and still are in use. The printers print heavy graphics and, on average, Jake’s Finer Foods has only five or six service calls per year.


    "We use several print technologies here at Jake’s Finer Foods and have found the total cost of ownership for Printronix printers to be the best. If you have a printing problem that requires a dot matrix solution, and you want to control the information that goes on those labels, I always recommend Printronix.”

    Armand Page
    Vice President of Operations and IT
    Jake’s Finer Foods


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