Email on Printnet

1) Power on the printer.

2) Type in "telnet <IP ADDRESS>" and press enter.

3) Type in as username "root" and press 2 × enter.

4) Type in "set logpath l1 port email" and press enter.

5) Type in "set dest d1prn logpath l1" and press enter.

6) Type in "set sysinfo email <username>@<ipaddress mail server>" and press enter.


Username : this is the name before the @ sign for example then the username is icelissen
ipaddress mail server : this is the ipaddress of the mail server that can handle SMTP mail if there is no mail server that can handle SMTP mail it will never work


7) Type in "set logpath l1 type job user ioport cksum printer" and press enter.

job : this will sent regarding job ID, username, etc
user : user ID with three messages per job about start and finish
cksum : 16-bit checksum value to confirm integrity of data printed
printer : for special printer feedback
ioport : printer error messages determined through the parallel port pins

8) Type in "save" and press enter.

9) Type in "reset" and press enter.