Technical Support FAQ


My Printronix printer isn't working. How do I get support?

Answer: If you are having trouble with your Printronix printers please contact our Technical Support group at (714) 368-2686 or email us at

How do I get service/maintenance for my Printronix printers?


Please contact your Authorized Service Provider to obtain maintenance contract service and pricing information for all Printronix printers.

If you are unable to contact your Authorized Service Provider, you may contact the Maintenance Contract Department here at Printronix. The number is (800) 854-6463, Option 1, or you can email us at


Where can I get graphics programming information for my Printronix printer?


Click here to see a list of IGP Programming Manuals. If you don't find your manual, please contact Technical Support at (714) 368-2686.

Printronix Printers are supported by a wide variety of leading bar code labeling software packages.


Are Printronix printers capable of printing UCC/EAN-128 bar codes?

Answer: Yes, all Printronix printers are capable of printing UCC/EAN application identifiers such as the serial shipping container code (00), ship-to-postal (420), and internal code (91).

Are Printronix printers certified for Postnet bar codes?


Below are printer models certified to print Postnet bar codes.

Printer Model USPS Certification Number 
 L150 9216700371
 L1016 9212100348
 L1024 9507200595
 L2324 9108000097
 L5020 9808600833
 L5031 9507200594
 L5035 9808600834
 MVP-150 9216700370
 P300 9116800184
 P3040 9108000096
 P3240 9108000100
 P4280 9212100347
 P5005 9607200658
 P5005A-12 9808600831
 P5005A-12-QA 9808600830
 P5008 9607200659
 P5010 9826400881
 P5205 9507200593
 P5205A-12 9808600832
 P5205B 9826400880
 P5208 9524000619
 P5210 9826400882
 P5212 9254000620
 P5215 9826400883
 P5220 0256700966
 P6040 9108000095
 P6240 9108000099
 P6080 9108000094
 P6280 9108000098
 P9012 9108000093
 P9212 9402500592
 T1006 9212100346
 T2204 9808600838
 T3204 9808600837
 T3306 9808600836
 T3308 9808600835
 T5204 0071300940
 T5304 0071300941
 T5206 0071300939
 T5306 0071300938
 T5208 0071300937
 T5308 0071300936



Why are the bar codes printed on my new Printronix P5000 series printer not the same size as on my other Printronix printers?


Printronix printers continue to evolve using newer technologies and standards of printing. The Printronix P5000 series printers use new improved syntaxes for printing Postnet bar codes under LP+ to make it more flexible for positioning the bar codes. As a result the print may be different than with previous model printers. We have included an option in the Printronix P5000 series of printers so that the print output is the same as the previous models of Printronix printers. This option is labeled "Compatibility Mode". Selecting this option in the configuration menu allows the user to select a printer model to emulate.

The "Compatibility Mode Option" feature for backward compatibility was added in the following software release levels. If you require this feature and the software revision level is prior to these listed, please contact your reseller.

EMULATION Revision Level



With Windows 95, why does the first page print garbage on the first line ("@JPL" or "E"), but the rest of the document prints fine?


This is caused by either a setting in your computer's CMOS for the parallel port or by a conflict in the lpt.vxd file in Windows 95. This is not a driver problem or a printer problem. Windows is sending a signal to the port that the printer is misinterpreting. Try these things to get resolution.

Click Start at the lower left-hand of the screen.
Choose settings, then printers.
Select the printer icon, choose the File menu, then select Properties.
Click the Details tab near the top of the screen, then select the Port Settings from the lower right.
Remove the X from the Check Port Before Printing box.
If this does not correct the problem, try to configure the printer in your computer's CMOS settings to non-PS/2 mode (if your computer supports it). For example, use standard LPT, EPP or ECP mode. Do not choose EPP/ECP. If the problem still persists there is an updated file called "lpt.vxd" on the Windows 95 CD-ROM that corrects this problem.

Microsoft has released the following information about this problem:

Configure the port in your computer's CMOS to a non-PS/2 mode (use standard LPT, or ECP mode). Note: this option is not supported on all computers.

Update your lpt.vxd file with the file on the Windows 95 CD-ROM.


How do I get manuals for the older Printronix printers?


Manuals can be purchased by calling Spares Order Entry at 714-368-2684. Give them the model of the printer and which manuals you want.

Some manuals are available for download.