Fonts are too large when printing from Microsoft IE Version 8

Product: P5XXX and P7XXX


The fonts are too large and are not spaced properly when printing from Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8

Possible Cause

Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8 affects all printers that print in a non-square resolution.

Selecting a print mode within the printer driver that is square or nearly square will, in most cases, resolve
the problem.

Recommend Solution

Change the printing resolution in Printronix Windows Driver to 120 x 144. See procedure below.

  1. On the Windows Driver Properties dialog, click on Printing Preferences
  2. On the Printing Preferences dialog, click on Advanced
  3. Under Graphics, click on Print Quality to get the drop down selection and select the 120x144 BEST resolution.
  4. Click OK and Apply to store the change.