Printronix Is First Again
Introducing the SL4M UHF RFID Printer Encoder

SL4M-140pxPrintronix delivers the most economical Gen 2- and ISO-compliant encoding solution - setting a price-and-performance benchmark for the industry.

Wal–Mart Suppliers Asked for It… Now Printronix Delivers

The cost of Wal-Mart RFID compliance no longer is prohibitive. With Printronix's new SL4M™ printer encoder, you can beat Wal-Mart mandates and still get uncompromised performance at an economical price!

The SL4M is the first midrange, industrial-grade metal printer encoder designed for global Class 1 Gen 2 ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID applications and mission-critical environments.

And for those not ready for RFID, the RFID-ready T4M will meet their printing needs today and tomorrow.

Printronix has packaged all of the features and benefits that Wal-Mart suppliers need to implement RFID printing and reap the supply-chain benefits.

With more installations at the world's top suppliers to Wal-Mart than any other printer manufacturer, we understand the unique challenges you face implementing RFID. Our SL4M will give you:

  • Ease of configuration and installation
  • Consistent RFID tag support
  • EPCglobal Gen 2-certified hardware
  • Interoperable with widest array of Gen 2 tags
  • 99.8% RFID encoding rates as reported by end users

Plus, it's interoperable with Printronix's MP2 family of high-performance SL5000r RFID printers and SLPA8000r RFID printer applicators, so you can rely on the printer-encoder family that will work the hardest for you.

Get Ready for Widespread RFID Printing Adoption

The SL4M offers you more choices in printer encoders based on applications and production requirements:

  • Integrates seamlessly into almost any bar code environment with support for six printer languages and direct XML printing or either 203 or 305 dpi resolution
  • Configures and installs easily thanks to its unique user-friendly, icon-driven graphic interface
  • Offers up to twice the memory as other products in its class
  • Features 32MB RAM and 8MB Flash for faster processing and label storage
  • Boasts the widest breadth of Class 1 Gen 2 UHF tag support and superior encoding performance

Printronix's Patented Encoding Technology Delivers Elevated Performance Levels 

The SL4M's patented MP2 encoding technology consists of three unique components that exceed the performance standard of any competitive solution.

EPCglobal-certified hardware encoders
This comprehensive test bed developed by Printronix ensures that the encoder will perform in a reliable and predictable manner in a production environment.

Multi-position coupler
Unlike an antenna, the Printronix-patented coupler isolates and links directly with individual tags while the multiple positions allow the coupler to move to the best position for Gen 2 tags that do not emit an evenly distributed RF field.

RF printer firmware
With the most practical experience with UHF EPC implementations, the Printronix firmware ties the thermal printer, coupler and encoder together to ensure that all three work in concert to deliver the best performance with the widest Class 1 Gen 2 tag support.

The SL4M is the price-performance leader of the Printronix SmartLine™ series of RFID printers. Starting at US$3,695, the SL4M is available in North America from your Printronix account manager or by calling 800-665-6210.

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