Printronix Line Matrix Cartridge Printer Products

    P7000 Versus P5000 Feature Comparison

    The following table lists the features and benefits of the P7000 family that were not part of the 5th generation P5000 family:

    P7000 Feature P7000 Benefit

    Enhanced Reliability

    • Improvements to controller with better protection circuitry plus many mechanical enhancements
    • Estimated 20% reduction in service interventions
    • Lower service costs
    • More uptime

    Increased Ribbon Capacity

    • 350% increase for pedestals
    • 200% to 350% increase for cabinets
    • Longer print runs and increased productivity
    • Reduce user interventions and labor

    Color Coded Controls

    • All user touch points are blue for fast identification
    • Speeds training for operators

    Integrated Print Management

    • Requires no special user handling or extra steps
    • Provides precise automatic indication of remaining ribbon life
    • Ribbon log allows tracking of how many of each type of consumable used
    • Has adjustable end point darkness
    • Eliminates cost of changing ribbons too often, poor output quality from ribbons not changed enough, and time wasted from constantly monitoring quality
    • Enables remote visibility of ribbon status and consumption
    • Precise supply life indication enables user to know if there is enough ribbon life before starting large jobs

    Common Cabinet and Pedestal Ribbons

    • Pedestal now accepts same ribbon as cabinet models
    • Common consumable between cabinet and pedestal models
    • 3X fewer user interventions and printing interruptions
    • More productivity
    • Less inventory

    Pedestal clam shell design

    • Opening cover exposes all internal controls and media loading features
    • Faster ribbon and media changes
    • Less operator training
    • Easier forms alignment

    Improved Pedestal Paper Path

    • Gently rounded paper path closely follows cabinet geometry
    • No slot to thread paper through
    • Pedestal paper feed speed now exact same as cabinet models
    • Increased throughput
    • Expands maximum form width up to 17 inches

    Top / Rear Paper Access

    • Pedestal can be configured for top or rear paper access
    • Eliminates previous Quick Access option
    • Improved tear bar when in top access mode
    • Lower cost – no options to buy
    • More flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
    • Faster and cleaner tear off for individual sheets or short runs

    Large Pedestal Wheels

    • Three inch diameter heavy duty swivel casters
    • Increased mobility
    • Safer movement around office or across factory floors

    Pedestal Control Panel

    • Full travel keys
    • Matches cabinet design exactly
    • Increased reliability
    • Easier key press and operation
    • Lower training costs

    Improved Controller

    • Increased memory
    • Faster processor
    • Improved overload protection
    • Enables P7000 to grow with your IT environment
    • Increased reliability

    Enhanced I/O Flexibility

    • Two available I/O slots
    • Allows versatile configurability for connecting to multiple systems
    • Provides expandability for future connection types
    • Asset protection

    SPX Feature Code Programmer

    • Allows printer’s security level to be modified by the end user
    • No tools or opening of product required
    • Asset protection
    • Allows rapid reconfiguration for changing requirements
    • Lowers upgrade costs

    Streamline Menus

    • Quick setup menu groups all most common configuration items
    • Rarely required advanced settings grouped separately to reduce clutter
    • Quicker and more reliable printer setup
    • Reduced training and increased ease of use
    • Reduced downtime due to incorrect configurations

    Auto Configuration Saves

    • Prompts user to save configuration after any changes are made
    • Stores and insures settings will be restored after any power interruptions
    • Still enables manual saving and complex configurations by sophisticated users
    • Lowers training – user doesn’t need to know printer’s configuration and organization structure to successful save and restore configurations
    • Increase uptime by reducing incidental loss of configuration settings

    Expanded Capabilities

    • UTF-8 encoding of character sets
    • DataMatrix Barcode
    • Intelligent Mail Barcode
    • Allows one configuration to span global requirements
    • Improved SAP compatibility
    • Growing importance in automitive and other manufacturing & distribution applications
    • Enables postal discounts when printing address

    Smart Eject and Paper Advance Key Functions

    • Keys made to act instantly
    • No longer requires printer to be off line
    • Form Feed always moves the correct distance for the form
    • Eject moves the correct distances to support tear off and minimize form waste
    • Faster operation due to fewer keystrokes and smarter action
    • Reduced operator training
    • Eliminates form misalignments due to often undesirable paper movements on P5000

    Platen Open / Adjustment System

    • Separates opening and closing of platen from precise forms thickness setting
    • Fixed dial locks in repeatable form’s thickness setting
    • Lower training and increased ease of use
    • Reduces chance of print quality problems or jams due to incorrect form thickness setting