P7000 Integrated Print Management System

    undefinedThe P7000 has a new feature that automatically monitors and communicates ribbon life. This allows the system administrator to have precise control over print quality, consumable costs, and job planning. Changing ribbons too frequently wastes money, changing them too seldom produces inconsistent or unusable output, and constantly monitoring the print quality manually is the biggest waste of them all. Now the new P7000 Integrated Print Management system provides the IT manager the tools to work efficiently.

    • No set up required – system is configured to work right out of the box
    • Fully automatic – Just load ribbons like normal
    • Adjustable end point – allows setting for darker or lighter printing to suit application
    • Remote visibility – view ribbon type and life anywhere via web
    • Instant alerts – remote e-mail notification when ribbon life is low and needs changing
    • Usage tracking – provides complete log of all supplies used
    • Job planning – know if there is enough ribbon life to start that large job



    Using a special bar coded spool, the printer automatically detects when a new or used ribbon is installed and determines the ribbon’s properties. Then, using a sophisticated algorithm, the system monitors all jobs printed and automatically updates the display to indicate the remaining life of the ribbon.

    Once the ribbon life gets near the end point, the printer will issue a ribbon low warning by displaying a message and flashing the indicator light. Printing will continue without interruption. When the ribbon reaches 0% remaining, the display will update, the audible alarm will sound (if enabled), the indicator light will flash, and printing will pause. If a new ribbon is installed, the system will automatically detect the ribbon, clear the condition, and restart the life at 100%. If it is not convenient to immediately change the ribbon at this point, printing can be resumed for a few minutes by returning the printer on-line. This should be enough to complete the job. If not, the same procedure can be repeated indefinitely to extend the printing on the same ribbon.

    Ribbon Monitoring with PrintNet Enterprise

    The integrated print management system is tied in completely with PrintNet Enterprise (PNE). Using PNE, it is possible for a system administrator to view the current status of all printers remotely. Furthermore, PNE can be configured to deliver alerts on all consumable warnings. So, when a ribbon reaches the low state, PNE will notify the system administrator remotely via an automated e-mail alert of the low condition. This allows corrective action to be taken before the ribbon reaches its end of life. If the ribbon is not changed, an alert will again be initiated once the ribbon reaches the 0% end point.

    Ribbon Log

    The system tracks all ribbons that have been used on a particular printer. This data allows the user to monitor how many ribbons, and exactly which types, have been used.

    Output Darkness Adjustment

    The system is set up by default to meet most user’s requirements. However, some applications require that the output remains darker than the nominal set point , and some applications are less critical and could tolerate a lighter final image. The system can easily be adjusted accommodate this variability. The range is as follows:

    Darker +3, Darker +2, Darker +1, Normal (default), Lighter -1,-2,-3,-4 , Lighter -5

    The ribbon life indicator will always start at 100% and end at 0%, even if a darker or lighter setting is selected. If a darker setting is selected zero will be reached more quickly. If a lighter setting is selected, the system will extend the amount of printing it takes to reach zero.