Partnership with SAP and Oracle leads to XML Forms Printing

Printronix offers certified interoperability between its SmartLine Printer Encoders and ThermaLine Printers (the SL5000r Standard-Pitch, SL4M, T5000r, and T4M) and SAP's Auto-ID Infrastructure (Aii) and Oracle's WMS/MSCA. This XML-based solution lets SAP and Oracle users implement RFID forms printing without expensive middleware and complicated integration efforts.

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, employs tags to identify data content and enables business applications to interface and exchange data content seamlessly. Printronix's XML Forms Printing gives users the ability to print bar codes and encode radio frequency identification (RFID) smart labels easily with embedded forms templates for both Oracle's WMS/MSCA and SAP's Aii. With XML Forms Printing, customers have a choice to enable their printers at the factory or in the field, allowing users to scale their XML implementation as needed. The XML based printing solutions require the 10/100Base-T PrintNet Ethernet.

SAP Certified IntegrationThe printer interface to SAP Aii (XML Forms Module, Version 1.0) is formally certified by SAP.


PXML Connectivity Eliminates Need for Proprietary Software

In addition to XML Forms Printing, Printronix provides its XML connectivity and control capability, called PXML. A first in the industry, supply chain-driven businesses seeking to improve profit margins and productivity will benefit from improved data and printer management as well as simplified RFID implementation.

PXML’s XML-based printer connectivity and control capability allows third parties to control and monitor print jobs and printer status. Developed with open XML standards, PXML allows industry leaders of printer and RFID device-management software to deliver a single software solution to monitor, manage and control a Printronix thermal bar code printer or group of printers in addition to their print jobs and status. These solutions can be driven from a central or remote location across the enterprise between applications and suppliers.

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