Legacy Migration Assistance

    Given today’s highly demanding and customized enterprise printing environments, changing printing hardware has become increasingly difficult and costly. Redesigning systems to output new print data streams can turn into multi-month projects that many companies either can’t wait for, or can’t afford. Printronix’ native printer interpreters and the Printronix Application Adapter make it possible to get around these constraints, allowing users to drop a superior Printronix machine into an existing setup, with absolutely no changes being made.

    Printer Interpreters

    Printronix native printer interpreters, available for the T5000r and SL5000r family of thermal bar code and rfid printers, allow Printronix printers to accept foreign print data streams and translate them into low level native print commands, resulting in printed output nearly identical to that of the legacy device. Advantages of migrating to Printronix printers utilizing the native interpreters include:

    • No Programming Changes. Often times changing current hardware, or adding new devices to an existing system equates to a long-term project for the enterprise design team. Utilizing the native interpreters, new printing systems can be easily added with no reprogramming.
    • Performance. Printers using the native interpreters will match or exceed the performance of the legacy machine.
    • Quality. With native interpreters users will now be able to take advantage of our exclusive Online Data Validation option to assure 100% barcode scannability which is not available on their legacy system.
    • Management. Replacing a legacy printing system with Printronix printers introduces the unique ability to remotely manage numerous printers simultaneously. Total print management will be provided without any enterprise systems changes using our industry leading remote printer management tool, PrintNet Enterprise.

    Printronix Application Adapter (PAA)

    The Printronix Application Adapter (PAA) is a highly versatile tool that allows users to drop new printing machines into existing systems. PAA lets you take advantage of new products and features without any modifications to existing enterprise systems. This enables access to:

    • Remote printer management tools
    • Barcode validation
    • Faster throughput with increased reliability