Compliance Labeling FAQ

Question: What advantages does the Printronix solution offer when implementing a labeling system that will meet our compliance requirements?
Answer: Printronix offers a unique solution as a closed loop printing output management tool enabling increased efficiency, reduced chargeback fines, and maximized uptime.  Because the T5000r thermal printer is the most robust and easy to use printer in the industry, end users will have little to no difficulty with the equipment.  Printronix Online Data Validation (ODV) provides 100% bar code accuracy, assuring that a bad bar code will not be used and that the labels will scan when received at their destination point avoiding costly chargeback fines. PrintNet Enterprise allows remote management of the printers to enable instant updates of format and data changes. This software will collect the data from the printers to provide the backup material needed to support your 100% accuracy should a question arise from a label scan. Our professional services group has expertise in solving the compliance issues faced throughout the integrated supply chain. You'll receive superior support and will benefit from their knowledge as they stand by you and your process implementation.
Question: Besides satisfying compliance requirements and reducing chargebacks, what are the benefits from an in-house labeling solution?
Answer: Bar coding your products and shipments will provide accurate sales tracking, plus capture inventory data for sales and manufacturing forecasts to increase operational efficiency.   The use of compliance labeling will help eliminate packing and shipping errors, thus reducing operating costs and improving profits. Additional monetary benefits besides the actual reduction of chargebacks include accelerating the flow of goods through the supply chain to the consumer, which provides increased inventory turns and faster invoice payment.
Question: What initial steps should I consider when implementing a new labeling system to help meet compliance requirements?
Answer: The first element to a labeling system is determining the output desired and the type of labels needed, whether they are product labels, container labels, shipping labels or any other types.  Based on your specific operational requirements, Printronix will work with you to determine the correct path for bar code implementation.
Question: What steps can I take to begin my in-house compliance labeling project?
Answer: The first step is to create an internal cross-functional team, consisting of members from purchasing, shipping, credit, information systems, marketing and sales. Second, make sure that you have a manufacturer ID number (if applicable) from the Uniform Code Council (937-435-3870 or and that products have UPC codes or customer item identifiers attached to each one (if applicable). Next, obtain all specification and vendor guidebooks from your customers.