Laser Printer Label Library

    To help demonstrate the wide range of challenging applications that are not a problem for Printronix continuous forms laser solutions, a sample cross section of typical applications is shown below. The wide range of these samples help demonstrate the versatility of these printers, giving you the freedom to design complex form sets that meet your unique application requirements.

    Label Sample
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    Chemical or Hazardous material Label

    A label used to mark drums or chemicals.  A second peel-off bar code label is printed with the batch number.



    Combo Packing, Shipping, and return Label form

    An example of a paper label format which has the packing list on top, the shipping label on the lower left side and the return label on the right side.  This customer is a fulfillment house for infomercials and is extremely pleased with the three Printronix laser printers they're using.



    Compliance label

    An example of a large retailer's compliance label which is produced by an apparel manufacturer.  The label conforms to the retailer's specs and shows the ship to information, date ordered, what store ordered it and the date released.



    Drum Label

    Companies such as Chevron, Texas, Shell, and others use Printronix laser printers to print pail and drum labels for their various lubricants.  The labels are preprinted with the company name and then the various data is printed on the label.



    Energy Labels (Water Heater)

    Energy labels are usually run in conjunction with the UL/shipping labels.  These labels are placed on water heaters, washers, refrigerators to show electrical/gas consumption.  This format also shows the carton label as well as the shipping label.  The Energy Guide portion goes on the water heater, the right side where it says Natural goes on the carton and the top white labels are also carton/shipping labels.  Bar codes and labels are used for inventory/shipping control.



    Plastic Membership cards and membership information Form

    An example of 10 mil plastic membership cards which are printed in one pass.  All the "black" printing on the pages was printed using an L5000 fanfold laser printer.



    Combo Packaging and Shipping Label Form

    A combination label which shows the versatility of the printer to print both paper and label as a combo form.  Many customers want to combine several label applications into one form.  The packing list is on paper and the peel-off shipping label shows bar codes that can be printed.



    Product Pick Tickets

    This is an example of pick tickets that are used in many grocery chains or warehouses where they need to print a high volume of labels in a short period of time to pick items for shipment.  Many of the installations only use the printer 4-5 hours per day at their peak periods to run these labels - they may print for one hour, give a batch of labels to the warehouse workers to begin their "picks" and then continue printing so that trucks can be loaded to transport their goods.



    Item and Shelf Labels

    This form contains a shelf label and individual pricing / item labels.



    Tyvek Law Label

    An example of what a furniture manufacturer would use to print the "law label" (the do not remove label which is done on tyvek) and also to print at the same time the "piece work" tickets with bar codes.  These piece tickets are used by the employees to get paid - as they finish their portion of the job (sewing the pillow portion of a sofa) they attach the piece ticket and send these items along to the next person.



    Combination UL Labels and Shipping carton labels

    Many companies in the appliance industry, air-conditioning, water heater industry want to combine their labels.  This again shows the versatility of the wide web labels to handle the smaller UL label, while printing shipping carton labels.  The larger labels go around the corner of the packing container and the smaller label in the middle of this label (2) serial number is taken off to log in the product as being shipped.



    Product Pricing Label

    This is a product pricing label which is placed on store inventory.  The bar code is scanned for product payment.  Customer can produce a very large quantity of product labels in a short period of time.