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AutoID Data Manager

Closing the loop on bar code quality control.

ODV on Thermal LabelImagine a world in which bar code verification systems could integrate with enterprise networks, eliminating costly bar code rejection and capturing real-time data about printing applications. Imagine if customers could monitor and review all bar codes printed and then merge the data into custom reports, all while improving Return on Investment. With our exclusive Online Data Validation option integrated with the AutoID Data Manager and PrintNet Enterprise, imagination is not needed.  AutoID Data Manager provides robust data capturing and exporting capabilities and the ability to evaluate data within each bar code. It merges information into databases and ports it to any application, such as SAP or Oracle.

AutoID Data Manager helps customers manage industrial network printer systems, while providing a safeguard against the high costs associated with bar code scanning and data accuracy failure.

In addition, AutoID DataManager can capture verified EPC data encoded on RFID tags within the printer, thereby realizing the same benefits as with barcode verification.

The Printronix Online Data Manager provides the following functions:

  • Ability to capture printed bar code data and encoded EPC data
  • Ability to export captured data to either an ASCII file or SQL database
  • Ability to stop the device and alert the operator of a problem.

All data captured by the AutoID Data Manager is date and time stamped, and associated with the printer generating the data.  Collected data is either stored in a history file or immediately exported to an external SQL database. Data stored in the history file can be saved in either a comma separate variable (CSV) file format, or as an XML report.  Data from a single printer or multiple printers can be saved in either a single file or in multiple files.