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P7000 Cartridge FAQ for P5000/P7000 Spool Printer Users

Question:  Is the P7000 Cartridge Series line matrix printer a plug & print replacement for my current P5000/P7000 printer?
Answer: Yes. The biggest factor determining compatibility is the firmware within the printer. The P7000 cartridge runs on the same firmware. It is a true plug and print replacement.
Question: If I migrate to a P7000 will I have to modify my application?
Answer: No. We are aware that modifying host applications are always undesirable and often impossible, so extensive testing has been performed to insure that the P7000 cartridge family is backward compatible with all existing P5000 and P7000 applications. The P7000 cartridge printer uses the same software code as the previous P5000 and P7000 models. Any changes can be corrected or modified to create the desired output without any costly host application modification.
Question:  Can an earlier installed P5000/P7000 spool printer be field upgraded to a P7000 cartridge?
Answer: No. All major components, including the shuttle is completely new with the P7000.
Question:  Can a P7000 cartridge printer handle my demanding forms?
Answer: Yes. The quiet cabinet models use the same powerful drive motors, straight paper path through the print station, and gentle curve to the output area as their P5000 counterparts. The pedestal models, however, have been dramatically improved. The fairly sharp bend and thin exit slot on the P5000 models has been eliminated and now the new P7000 cartridge pedestal paper path more closely follows the proven design used on the cabinet models. The result is that the P7000 pedestal can now handle 17 inch wide forms and feeds paper at the same high speed as the cabinet units.
Question: Will my P5000/P7000 spool printer be able to grow with my evolving IT requirements?
Answer: No. The core of the spool base system was developed in over 10 years ago. Older models cannot support new features like new Intelligent Mail barcode.
Question: Does the new P7000 cartridge printer support Intelligent Mail Barcodes?
Answer: Yes. The P7000 is IMB compliant.