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P7000 Cartridge Integrated Print Management FAQ

Question: Can I track cartridge ribbon utilization on the P7000 cartridge?
Answer: Yes. The printer keeps track of the quantity and types of all ribbons used on the machine. This log can be checked at any time, and viewed remotely via PrintNet Enterprise™, to determine how fast and how many ribbons your operation is consuming.
Question: How does the printer know when a ribbon is loaded and what type it is?
Answer: Each cartridge contains a small electronic chip that tells the printer the type of ribbon and its remaining life.
Question: Can I view the cartridge ribbon life indication remotely?
Answer: Yes. PrintNet Enterprise™ allows users to view ribbon life anywhere remotely via a simple web browser. PrintNet Enterprise can also be set to issue your web enabled portable device an e-mail when ribbon live is low and again when the cartridge ribbon has been depleted.
Question: Will the cartridge ribbon life indication remain accurate if a variety of jobs are run?
Answer: Yes. The system uses a sophisticated algorithm that tracks usage in all the various sections of the ribbon automatically. As print patterns shift, it will use different parts of the ribbon, but this is tracked and properly accounted for.
Question: If I exchange partially used cartridge ribbons before they are depleted will the ribbon life indication remain accurate?
Answer: Yes. A ribbon can be taken off and replaced at any time, and the system will correctly tell you the ribbon life remaining on the currently loaded ribbon.
Question: What happens when the cartridge ribbon life reaches the end?
Answer: The life indication will continue to count down. The system will signal Low Ribbon Life condition. The indicator lamp will flash, the warning message will be displayed, and an optional email alerts will be issued. Printing will continue without interruption. After the remaining two percent is consumed the printer will stop, preventing print quality from degrading below the set limit. The error lamp will flash, the audible alarm will sound, the display will indicate that the ribbon needs to be replaced, and an optional an email alert will be issued again.
Question: At what point is the cartridge ribbon low warning issued?
Answer: Like the darkness set point, this is fully adjustable.  The factory default is to declare Ribbon Low at 2% life remaining.
Question: Can I change the point at which the system tells me to change the cartridge ribbon?
Answer: Yes. This is totally adjustable and can be set to match your application requirements.
Question: Can I program my printer not to stop if the end of cartridge ribbon life is reached?
Answer: Yes. Under the Advanced User section of the printer menus, you can select an option to ignore the ribbon end point. The ribbon life indication will continue to work, but no warnings will be issued and the printer will not stop once the life reaches 0%. Responsibility for ensuring the proper change interval reverts back to the user.