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P7000 Line Matrix Printer FAQ's

Question: What is "The Power of Plus"?
Answer: Innovations within the P7000 Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers deliver substantial gains in reliability, productivity, cost improvement and environmental responsibility. The P7000 introduces easy to install cartridge ribbons. These benefits or “pluses” provide compelling reasons for business and industrial customers to upgrade or expand their current printers in use.
Question:  What are the differences between the P7000 cartridge printer and earlier P5000 and P7000 spool models?
Answer: Installation of cartridge ribbons is faster and cleaner than spool ribbons saving time, reducing load errors and requires less user training. Across the world our printers are being used more by more people with less specialized job training. We have listened to our customers and have developed this new printer family that is much simpler to operate. Compared to the previous generation of line matrix spool ribbons, the P7000 Cartridge generates savings of up to 20% of the consumable cost per page.
Question: What types of printer choices are available?
Answer: The P7000 cartridge series of Line Matrix Printers is comprised of three distinctive product families and provides more variety to configure just the right solution for any industrial printing challenge. The P7000 family provides broader solutions for specialized, high-production environments and is available in a variety of print speeds up to 2,000 lines per minute. P7000HD High Definition Family of Cartridge Line Matrix Printers can drop into any typical Windows based laser print environment without any application modifications or special accommodations. The P7000H Cartridge Family is specially designed for the Asia Pacific market and can reproduce all of the elaborate character strokes required with precise detail. All combined you have a wide selection from 21 base printers with 9 accessory options from which to configure the right solution to meet your precise needs.
Question:  Can a new P7000 Cartridge Line Matrix Printer replace a serial matrix printer?
Answer:  Yes. All P7000 cartridge printers support the most common serial matrix printer emulations. Our Zero Tear model would be a drop in place, low cost, print on demand replacement.
Question: Can the P7000 replace a laser printer?
Answer: The P7000HD High Definition family of line matrix printers can drop into any typical Windows based laser print environment without any application modifications or special accommodations. The printer is able to handle the unique challenges of high detail, fine point printing needed in today’s business environments.
Question: Why shouldn't I consider using a laser printer?
Answer:  Line matrix is the BEST solution for high volume, demanding print jobs that need to be done fast and without fail. Unlike laser printers, the P7000 wakes up from energy conservation mode quickly saving you important production time and reduced labor cost. Laser printers consume more power while printing, have shorter life spans and contribute significant waste in packaging.
Question: What are the environmental advantages of line matrix printing?
Answer: The Printronix P7000 cartridge series is built to last for years and years, unlike shorter life cycle products such as laser and serial printers. Line matrix printers are engineered with features that promote less energy consumption and generate less waste. The series is ENERGY STAR® qualified, providing operational energy savings compared to laser printers. Additional environmental advantages include: waste reduction, less packaging, accommodates paper with high recycled content, easier recycling of printed paper, ozone reduction, and none of the fine particulate emissions found in laser toner cartridges.
Question:  Any improvements in remote printer management capabilities?
Answer: The P7000 provides instant labor-saving remote printer access and control through PrintNet Enterprise™ software. The optional Ethernet adapter and the JAVA based remote management software allow all P7000 printers compatibility with existing workflows.
Question: How can I remotely manage my printer from another location?
Answer: PrintNet Enterprise™ software gives you control of your entire global printing network from anywhere you have access to a desktop computer. Designate events and be alerted to printer issues via email, pager or mobile phone alerts.
Question: What is the product warranty?
Answer:  Warranties vary by product and can be viewed by visiting the Services and Support page on our web-site.
Question: Is an extended warranty available?
Answer: Printronix offers various extended warranties and maintenance contracts. Please contact your local Printronix sales representative to see what choices are available in your area. 
Question:  What cartridge ribbons are available for the P7000 Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers?
Answer: The P7000 cartridge ribbon line-up provides customers choice and flexibility to manage consumable costs. Customers can chose from the following options to match their print volume and budget. 
Standard Life Cartridge – Single PackLowest cost per purchase for customers with restrictive budget. Available in a single pack. This ribbon cartridge fits all P7000 cartridge printer models. 
Extended Life Cartridge – Single PackFor customers seeking a lower operating cost per page. This cartridge ribbon fits all P7000 cartridge printers EXCEPT 500 line per minute models.
Extended Life Cartridge – Four Pack For customers with budget flexibility and seeking the lowest operation cost. This cartridge ribbon fits all P7000 printers EXCEPT 500 line per minute models.
Question:  What is the page yield for the P7000 cartridge ribbons?
Answer: The Standard Life cartridge page yield is 17,000 pages and the Extended Life cartridge page yield is 30,000 pages.  
Question: What is the page yield for the P5000 and P7000 spool ribbons?
Answer: The P5000 Gold Series 30M Spool Ribbon page yield is 5,000 pages and the P7000 Ultra Capacity Plus Spool Ribbon page yield is 15,000 pages.
Question: Why did you choose a page rating?
Answer: The page yield enables us to perform accurate comparisons across our products as well as any competitor products. Our research shows that the most likely competition for our printer is a laser printer. By rating in pages, we make it easier for users to compare and see our substantial cost advantage. Additionally, the page test protocol is a much better indicator of real life consumable yields compared with older character based ratings. The difficulty with character yield comparisons is that manufacturers use different tests, settings, applications and environments to produce a character yield. There are no published comparisons of how one manufacturer derived a character yield versus other manufacturers.
Question: How do we get started working together?
Answer: Let our representatives assess your needs. You can make contact here.