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SAP Silver Printer Vendor

Printronix is a silver-level member of the SAP® Printer Vendor program.  The P7000 and P7000ZT line-matrix printers are compliant with all requirements as defined in the SAP Printer Vendor program.

The SAP Printer Vendor program helps SAP customers produce high-quality output by offering printer models that are optimized for use with, and easy to connect to, SAP systems.

Printronix printers are in use in over 200 SAP solution-based installations across 4 continents worldwide.  Our extensive experience with SAP printer integration helps ensure the smoothest possible implementation of your total project.

Software Downloads

For graphics conversion tools, the latest device types and SAP registered application notes click here. Be sure to check out our all-new section covering integration with SmartForms.

Direct Connect

Printronix pioneered barcode printing from SAP systems. You may be a candidate for our direct connect methodology which eliminates the need to purchase expensive middleware. When Printronix went live with support for SAP system in 1995, it needed to print barcodes from the production planning and materials management applications.  At the time we developed our own device types and methodologies, which we call Direct Connect.

Advantages of Direct Connect include:

  • Centralized control over label printing
  • Real time access to SAP data
  • Elimination of redundant databases
  • Maximizing existing investment in SAP solutions

Device types reside in tables within the SAP spooling system.  They provide the formatting information your ABAP/SAPscript program requires to print properly.  Device type components include: character set information, print controls, barcode definitions, and page formats.  Our printing methodology can be applied to both standard SAP programs (via User Exits) and custom programs. Using layout sets can facilitate design and maintenance of your forms and labels, as well as provide security benefits.

Tips to get started in SAP Smart Forms White Paper.

Currently Printronix offers three categories of device types for different printing applications:

  1. LP+ SAP Device Type - For Printronix Thermal, Line Matrix and Laser Printers. Excellent for applications primarily involving text processing with some graphics, such as forms and simple labels. Integrates easily into existing SAP environments
  2. ASCII SAP Device Type - For Printronix Thermal, Line Matrix and Laser Printers. Optimal for applications requiring more extensive graphics including boxes, such as complex label applications. WYSIWYG form design simplifies or  eliminates the need for SAPscript/SmartForm code.
  3. PCL5 SAP Device Type - For Printronix Laser Printers. Ideal for out of the box integration into all existing SAP laser applications (requires PCL5 emulation)

Expertise with SAP Systems

We work with companies around the globe in industries and markets such as automotive, chemical, retail, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and consumer goods manufacturing. 

By using our in-depth application notes with Printronix SAP registered device types for SAP Systems, many Printronix users are printing barcodes without worrying about extensive training or middleware. For more involved projects - or those requiring specialized SAP skills – Printronix can provide any assistance you require and as little or as much as you’d like.

Our SAP team has focused, in-depth expertise in printing from SAP systems. We cover all aspects of SAP printing and label project implementation including:

  • Full on-site assessment
  • Requirements definition
  • Basis administration
  • ABAP programming
  • SAPscripting
  • Label design, encompassing integration of label with existing database elements
  • Customized training

Want to learn more about our on-site assessment or fixed price integration for SAP systems? Contact our Professional Services Group.

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