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Our primary goal here at Plus Technologies® is to solve output management and administration problems with ease. Such problems include print management software issues, increasing the timely and efficient delivery of jobs and working towards solutions to significantly improve printer help desk operations.

If your company depends on successful enterprise document printing (labels, pack lists, invoices, reports, etc), then you need OM Plus. UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows Server provide only basic print spooler capabilities, which often times are unable to handle the load of large volume or complex document processes. OM Plus replaces the native tools with a robust, heavy duty job management and spooling system which features:

  • Confirmed Print Job Delivery - Documents/Labels Print Every Time
  • Intelligent Job Routing - Re-route on the fly Printer
  • Load Balancing and Failover- Balance the print load, Route Around Failed Printers
  • Simplified, Centralized Control - Administer Large Enterprise Print Infrastructures
  • No Changes to Application Required Runs On All Popular Platforms

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