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The Printronix OpenPrint™ Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers offers the world’s first PostScript and PDF® line matrix printer. The OpenPrint Cartridge Series is compatible with today’s modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) environments including Oracle®, SAP®, Linux® and Windows®.
The OpenPrint Pedestal is the dependable workhorse line matrix printer that forms the foundation of the Printronix Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers. It is compact enough to move around in just about any work environment. The OpenPrint pedestal line matrix printer is presented in a small footprint with convenient forms access from - top tear or rear output. Accessory choices include a front input tray or two different rear trays. With a quick adjustment customers can reconfigure the printer to a top tear format. By adding the optional Acoustic Shroud, users can enjoy comfortable noise reduction while still having quick access to print jobs. Like all the printers in the Printronix cartridge line matrix series, the OpenPrint pedestal is ENERGY STAR® qualified and is ready to plug into your network and start printing from day one. Offered in a wide variety of model configurations and print density. Normal print density for OpenPrint is 180x180 dots per inch. Users can trade image detail for increased print speed in 120x120, 180x90, 90x180 or 90x90 DPI modes.


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Introducing the World’s First PostScript® and PDF® Line Matrix PrinterWatch Videos
Scannable Bar Codes
The OpenPrint series printers produce a laser-like printing image. Perfect for graphic and letter forms that require more detail.
Line Vs. Laser
Low cost replacement for serial and laser.Learn more
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