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Printronix is the leader in business-critical printing solutions, offering the most-trusted selection of ultra-reliable printers, services, supplies and parts for environments demanding highest reliability. We are dedicated to leading the industry and adding value to global enterprise printing with advanced solutions that give customers distinct cost efficiencies and improved return on investment. Our superior industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions enhance efficiency by easily integrating into your current manufacturing, distribution and supply chain environment, giving you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Printronix printers provide:

  • Certified software connectivity for maximum compatibility.
  • Bar code and RFID data management for increased quality.
  • General purpose input and output (GPIO) for enhanced integration.
  • Online data validation for improved quality control.
  • Online and portable barcode verifiers for higher speed and accuracy.
  • On-Demand form printing for lower costs. 

Cartridge Line Matrix Printers

P7000 Cartridge Line Matrix Printers

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Thermal Bar Code Printers

P7000HZT Zero Tear Cartridge Printer


Printronix offers rugged, reliable industrial printer solutions which enable easy bar code labeling.

P7000HZT Extra Small Photo

The P7000HZT Zero Tear Cartridge Printer is the specialized line matrix choice for customers using multi-part and serialized documents that require single form tear-off usability.

RFID Printers

Scanners and Verifiers


Support the Electronic Product Code (EPC) initiatives in place at top retailers and suppliers.


Monitor bar code quality for heightened accuracy.

Software Solutions


Ensure efficient network operation and minimal downtime.

Line matrix printers are built to last, performing for years beyond the lifespan of a typical laser printer. Learn more
The Power of Green
Line matrix printers have environmental and cost advantages. Another example of The Power of Plus Learn more
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RG - Testimonial-Quote-IconHear what our Customers are saying about our industrial printing solutions.

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