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Printronix provides a full range of technical support, spare parts, repair service and maintenance contracts for the following products:


Line Matrix Thermal & RFID Laser Other
P7000 Spool SLPA7000   Related emulation software
Part number related questions
Service and Maintenance contracts
Multi-vendor service

Users of P300, P600, MVP, L150, P3040, P4280, P5000, P6000, P9012 and P212 printers should strongly consider upgrading to a new P8000 to ensure a reliable printer source for critical applications as these printers are no longer supported. Due to the excessive age, all spare parts, repair services, technical support, and maintenance contracts are no longer available.

RFID Printers

Thermal Bar Code Printers

Printronix Technical Support Contacts

Technical Support Contacts


(714) 368-2686


Europe, Middle East, and Africa
+31 (0) 24 6489 311


Asia Pacific
(65) 6548 4114


China Only
End-User Service Request

Other Printer Drivers

Selecting a particular print driver on a host computer sets up the host computer to work with a particular printer emulation. Printronix printers support various emulations.

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